Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Korean, Chinese and Indian Children who wait

Today's post is another agency specific list of kids who wait in either korea or India please note however that the adoption process is different then China and you should inquire with the agency to see if you meet either countries qualifications and because of Country Rule I cannot post pictures of these beautiful children but can email them to families who are interested and give you the agency who holds their file's name.

Girl: 11-08-2009 Complex CHD she is a doll baby so cute and needs a mom and dad prepared for unknowns with her heart.

Girl:4-24-10 background issues to consider. She is a tiny one and very cute as well odds are a full family history is available on her. MATCHED WITH HER FOREVER FAMILY CONGRATS TO THEM AND HER!!

Boy 6-18-10 background issues to consider and he is a handsome little guy big chubby cheeks!

Boy 5-22-2010 background issue, hydrocele He has the biggest grin on his face too cute!

Girl 2-13-10 premature, background issue, sepsis, brain atrophy. A sweet heart who needs a mommy and daddy to care for her!


An Xiang Boy: DOB: 12/17/03 CHD
This handsome, funny, sweet boy was born 12/2003. He speaks well and likes to talk with his friends. He likes to play games and his favorites are Older Wolf and What Time is It? He likes playing with blocks. He likes to listen to music but doesn’t like to sing. He likes Transformers and Automan’s airplane. He likes to watch cartoons and likes Spiderman, SpongeBob and Wolf and Sheep. He is always asked to be in school performances. He is in first grade and can read. His favorite classes are language, art and music. He likes to do projects with his classmates. He has a heart condition that needs treatment. A $5000 private scholarship has been given to help him find a family!

boy 12-2008 enlarged epicele
This darling boy was born 12/2008. He is energetic and likes to play outdoors. He can walk on his own. He enjoys being in the company of his foster parents. He laughs when he’s in a good mood. He nods his head when he listens to music. This little man has had CT scans and it has indicated an enlargement of epicele. He’s waiting for a gentle family to help him thrive more every day!

Girl 6/2009 Turner Syndrome
This tiny little girl was born 6/2009. Her name means “gem.” She can stand by holding on to a rail. She can hold things and play with both hands. She likes to look at picture books and colorful toys. She is able to build towers with blocks. She has a rather shy, quiet personality. She enjoys listening to music and is in a loving foster home. She is rather delayed for her age and recently diagnosed with Turner Syndrome.

Girl 5-2009 Heart Defect and Anal atresia
Miss Smiles was born on 5/2009. She enjoys listening to music and likes to sing along. She likes to play with toys, especially electronic ones that make noises. She is doing well developmentally. She can walk on her own. She has a congenital heart defect and anal atresia.


Girl Albinism 07-09-02
She is active and intelligent.
She’s currently enrolled in the 2nd grade.
She plays well with others.
She likes to ride her bicycle.
She especially likes to eat rice and biscuits.
She is waiting because she has albinism.

If you would like anymore info on any of these kids please email me at TSW1203@aol.com and inclund the DOB SN and country the child is from in the email and I will give you the agency the child is listed with and anything else I know about them.