Friday, December 30, 2011

Waiting Little Boys!

Agency G

MILES DEC 2007 Thal B Major

Guillermo DOB: Oct. 2009 SN: He has bilateral microtia, but can hear in his right ear. He also has a cyst in his left eye, but it does not cause him any problems

Oliver and Hudson (TWINS) Had an adnormal brain scan DOB Feb 2010 Oliver and Hudson came into care when they were one month old. Their development has been a little slower than other children, however they are progressing well. Both boys can crawl and walk with support. They can babble and play with blocks. They love toys that make noise and to crawl everywhere!

Agency CC

XJW 5/29/2010 Cleft palate, repaired cleft lip, mild hydrocephalus

ZZY0911.1.4 DOB: 11-19-10 BOY SN: Ear deformity/hearing problem

Agency B

Landon April 2011 Cong proctatresia, hypospadias and rectum urethral fistula

Daniel Jan 2008-missing fingers on left hand

Will Feb 2010 Left microtia, ankylotia

Johnny June 2010 Cleft lip and palate

Shaun July 2010-Deformed & Dysaudia of ears, CHD (PF)

Rhett Aug 2009 cleft lip and palate

Zander-July 2010 Urogenital issue(enorchia of left side), treated anemia

Charlie-June 2010 treated club foot, delay,unknown anus surgery in past, normal defacation

Shane Nov 2009 cleft lip, palate, HepB carrier, birthmark on back of head

Agency AA

Lance Jan. 2011 cleft lip and palate. He has not yet had surgery to correct this

Nathaniel DOB: 4-19-10 SN: post-op cleft lip; cleft palate; ecphyma in front of his left ear

Agency AS

Dalton boy 2.5 repaired cl/cp

Agency W

Chet 2/2011 Heart Defect and Hernia. Chet is a small child in comparison to his peers. He is an outgoing boy who is happy when anyone stays with him, talks to him, or shares toys with him. He especially likes toys with music and bright colors. He has congenital hear disease and a special, sensitive issue. He needs a family to aid his physical and mental development. Due to his age, it is thought that he will adapt quickly to a new environment.

If  anyone would like more info on any of these little boys please send us an email at

Taylor and Ashton

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Wendy 13 years old

Wendy will AGE OUT in 9 months. PLEASE help spread the word. She needs her family now before her chance is lost forever!!

Wendy is outgoing, active and restless, is ready to help others, always with happy smile on her face. She is satisfied with present life, but she also hopes that she would have her own loving parents as other classmates in school, hopes that she could see anxious mother outside of school who is await for her after school and then go back home with hands held by mother.
**sniff...sniff...she wants a mama to love her!!**
Special need: age..she is healthy

Macy 8 years old

One year ago, Macy entered a foster family and she adapted to the life there very fast. Now she receives early education in Half Sky in the institute. Under the good education and guidance of the institute, she can no go up and down stairs, take on and off clothes and bath alone. She remembers which floor she lives on and other children’s name. She can hold a pen to draw a sun, count 1-5 and tell red. Macy can ride a tricycle and pat balls.Macy is shy and introverted and exchanges little with other children. . She says “auntie, I want the grandma” most. Entering the foster family, her most close persons are the father. She likes to go out with the father and likes to play with other children. She would tell the mother if other children slip out to play. She is a little bit shy and dare not to greet strangers. Under the reminding of others, she can say hello. She can say her own name. She has little words but can express her needs in simple language.
Special Needs: white spots of cornea of the right eye, atopic dermatitis, delayed physical development

JB 2.5 years old

JB was born with glaucoma, cataracts, and clouded retina. We were able to get surgery for him and his sight has been gradually improving. He can now see with wearing glasses and has eye drops every day.He has some special needs as he has hydrocephalus, development delays, and limited sight. Under the excellent care of the foster family, he is strong day by day. (a loving christian family ;)

Special Need: leukomalacia (hydrocephalus); postoperative glaucoma and cataract.

Jane 9 years old

Jane is clever girl, intellectual developed well. She currently lives with her foster family. She is shy, talks little to stranger, but she will chat with familiar people sometimes, play house with friends always. She is clever, will help to do what she could do and send wishes to senior citizens, loved by adults. She likes to play very much, sliding board and dolls, she could take good care of younger kids, is a kind girl with a loving heart.

She is clever, will help to do what she could do and send wishes to senior citizens, loved by adults. She likes to play very much, sliding board and dolls, she could take good care of younger kids, is a kind girl with a loving heart. But all of these days she seem to have psychological problems. Once there are strangers who know her visit at home or school, she would looks very anxiety and tension as well as hide herself. In the early of September of 2010 she studies in grade one in primary school. But she can’t adapt the visiting of the strangers. If she meets this, she would hide herself under the desk or cry, which affected normal teaching seriously, and on November of 2010 she quits school; now she can’t go to school. Everyday she does housework and plays at home with foster mother. Her studies don’t been improved.

She is in desperate need of a loving family!!! A family who can pour themselves into making her secure in who she is...a precious child of God!!

Special Need: Hep B carrier (she also has a growth on her face in front of her ear)

Sebastian/Wilson 3.5 years old

Under the excellent care of caretakers, Wilson has routine life, and the body development is good, motion of limbs is normal, has normal defecation and urination, but due to the reason of retard development, his development index is not to the standard. He currently lives with a loving foster family.

Special Need: Post operative cleft lip and palate (it is uncertain if his palate has been repaired, yet); retard mental development

Rose 4 years old


Precious Rose was abandonded at 2 years old. She had a finding note with her that stated: "she is ill but the family can not support her and hope to be sent into a institute."

Through rehabilitation and exercises, Rose can walk with a walker. After supper, she would practice walking with a roll booster in the rehabilitation park. Now she knows to go to the toilet by herself. She can also dress herself in summers. The clothes in winter is much tough, she can not dress herself in winter due to the problem of the legs. Rose is very beautiful and intelligent without showing out. She would speak much with familiars but not with strangers. Now she can play jokes and act as a spoiled child. The teachers like her very much. She is a quite girl and is very smart in learning.
She is still inconvenient in walking but this has not influence her happiness. She is smart and cute and people love her very much. I asked her “do you want a foreign family?” she said “yes, I am. And I want a family with mother, brothers and papa”

Special Need:
disabled lower limbs
The bilateral sides are symmetrical; no abnormal findings are about the gap between joints. Diagnose: no abnormal findings are about the feet and both ankle joints.)


Fielder 6 years old

Fielder likes to be cuddled by the caretaker or people she is familiar with. At that time, he is very happy, would put his head on the shoulder of the caretaker. Fielder has motor, language and mental development delayed compared with other kids (this info. is 4 years old...waiting for an update). He had his cleft lip repair 5 years ago but his file does not state if his palate has been repaired, yet.

Special need: postoperative cleft lip (waiting on an updated to see if his palate has been corrected)

Grayson 6 years old

Precious Grayson was abandoned at 2 months old and his dob was determined by a note attached to him. He has normal mental development. He lives with a foster family and his file states: he learns much knowledge, he has good acceptability in the kindergarten, he will write the word taught by teachers, and has good imitate ability, likes to sing and dance, and assemble the toys, and no finding of the symptom of the cerebral hyperplasia.

Grayson also likes singing, watching cartoons, likes snacks; in kindergarten, he is kind of naughty in the class, but he can remember all the new words taught in class. And also writes them at home showing to his foster mom. Now he is in first grade, he is sensible, gets along well with his classmates, and he is very glad to play games with his classmates. He loves assembing robots, and toys such as Armor Warriors. He is not picky of foods, can brush his teeth, wash his face and fold up his own clothes.He is very clean.

Special need: history of cerebral hypoplasia (now he has no symptoms)


Wei 10 years old

Just look at this sweet peanut...he has the most precious smile! He has been waiting a long time for his forever family! This adorable guy is waiting in a phenominal orphanage...he's waiting in our Solomon's orphanage...a LWB orphanage ;)He is an extroverted, outgoing and active child. At school he abides by the school rules and participates in all kinds of group activities with average comprehensive scores. He likes classes such as fine arts, physical education, and his favorite sport is basketball. In the WI, he is well behave and follows the recommendations of our caregivers. He is able to put away his bed neatly and cleanly, and helps other children as well. He has good adjusted ability. Since he has cleft palate, he can not speak that clearly yet could be understood. He gets along well with other children and classmates.

Special need: postoperative cleft lip, cleft palate III

A Lian almost 3 years old

She is absolutely perfectly created by OUR LORD!!! No mistake made...she was known by our Maker long before He fashioned her in her mother's womb. But you know what...most people don't see her that way...they see a little girl who is not complete...I ASSURE you, she is complete...wonderfully and fearfully made!!! PLEASE help spread the word about this precious one!!!
This is beautiful, amazing A Lian. I have been advocating for this sweet one for a while and still she does not have her forever family. I have this tiny video of her
and it bring me to tears...tears of joy because there is NO doubt she is a bundle of beautiful joy...tears of longing...longing for her to have a forever family to love her!
Sweet A Lian is almost 3 years old and was born with Down's Syndrome. Here's a little bit of info. on this little miracle: A Lian is a completely adorable child. She loves to cuddle and give kisses, and though sometimes solemn, her whole face scrunches up in a ready smile and laugh when interacting. She can dance with the music, and cooperates when the caretakers dress her. She eats with a good appetite, can peel the skin off of fruit by herself, and can drink with a straw. Any family would be blessed to have this sweetheart. A Lian is physically healthy. No heart or thyroid issues have been detected. A Lian - Just learned to walk. She seemed to enjoy walking around with the walker that was present. Wide base of support when walking with arms up in a high guard position (typical for newly acquired walking ability). Wide base of support while sitting. Is able to get on both knees and reach and play in that position. Can go into a 1/2 kneeling position, which is an age appropriate transition movement. Will climb up to get a toy. She is curious and likes to explore. Loved lying in the fresh, warm, clean pile of diapers on the floor. Will scribble circles when given a pen/pencil. Loves to interact with the adults and enjoys just being carried around and played with on your lap.


For more info on any of these precious little ones please email me at TSW1203@AOL.COM or email Stacy at

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Sorry for being MIA

Life has been crazy lately with finals I promise to add children sometime tomorrow after my last final, but in the mean time WASATCH has created a site for their waiting children please go check it out if the link does not work copy and paste it into your browser.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Please considering Helping this Family bring home their Daughter

Many of the people remember the little girl Pearl who was advocated for on here! Well, as you know she has been matched and the family happens to be one that I dearly love and admire! They are stepping out on faith to bring Pearl home and went against the norm of waiting until they had the finances to do so. Please consider helping them bring her home it is possible for you to win one of the TWO iPads that someone generously donated so every penny will go to their adoption cost and not to buy the iPads. The deal is $2 for 1 ticket OR $10 for 6 tickets.  Drawing will be December 1st.  Here are the prizes
1st Prize - 32 GB iPad
2nd Prize - 16 GB iPad

Please go to the family's blog for more on how to enter

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boys 3 and under who are waiting

Please note that these children may or may not be matched at this time. Due to the rapid changing of the shared list and since we have moved blogs we are unable to always keep this post updated. If you know of a child who has been matched listed here let us know stillwewait @ Thank you!

Shared list boys
2009, June 14th, Boy
2010, June 5th,
SN: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Crossed eyes, Heart disease

L Mao Kids
Brennan male, age 3 right hand and left ear deformity-MATCHED

L non mao kids agency specific- 
Freddy male, age 1 congenital deformity of right corners of mouth, congenital atresia and defect of right outer ear and auricular tube.

Jimmy male, age 3 congenital glaucoma of right eye, pinnal deformity of right ear

Mark male, age 3 cleft lip/palate

L Shared list kids
Nathan Male, Age 22 months Heterochromia Iris, Dysaudia

Larson Male, Age 3 Polydactyly Right Hand, Deformity of Left Auricle

Lincoln Male, Age 22 Months Postoperative CHD

Jeremiah Male, Age 2 Postoperative Meningocele

Nate Male, Age 2 Post-Operative Cataracts on both Eyes

C hope Kids,
Dang He is a 3-year-old boy with cleft palate III and a deformity with his left foot. DOB 11/9/2007
Yang Fu is a 1-year-old boy with a post-operative meningocelein and has had surgery to drain his hydrocephalus meningocelein is in the lumbosacral area. DOB Sept 1 2010

Dang Qing is a 2-year-old boy with post-operative hydrocephalus.
Sui Xiu is a 3-year-old boy with congenital heart defect and special needs. CHD; syndactylia of right index and middle fingers (CHD and exclusion of right syndactylia can be done); bilateral undescended testicles; short penis DOB Feb 20,2008

Dang Guo is a young boy with poor msucular tension in his extremities DOB July 14, 2010
For more info on the CHI boys click on the link below

MATCHED: Boy limb differences 3 years old

B Waiting Children email X for more info on them xqcai @

Hayden Born Jan 2011 Albinism

Nicholas-born Sept-2008 CHD (TOF)

Jackson born Dec 2009 hydrocele, hernia, Laryngomalacia
Thomas born Feb 2008 deformity of external ears
Aiden born Nov 2010 Albinsim
Isaac born Jun 2011-Urogenital issue
Cade-October 2010-congenital limb deformity
Jayce Feb 2011 post-op CHD, post-treatment club feet, umbilical hernia, questionable hearing test on left
Craig-March 2010 hand and foot deformity
Shane Nov 2009 cleft lip, palate, HepB carrier, birthmark on back of head
Noah April 2010 facial angiomatosis IQ test at 9 mths indicates delay

Owen born December 2009 Hydrocephalus
Jason 2-11 history of CHD minor hypospadia-hernia
Heston Jan2010 post op anal atresia(imperforated anus), CHD
Jared March 2010 deafness, hypospadia, hernia
Zander born June 2008 premature
Asher born February 2009 growth delay

S W Kids
Jake is 20 mths old He was born 10-22-2009 Jake's SN: post op club feet and possible arthrogryposos or reflex concern. He is currently living at New Hope Foundation.

DOB: 12/25/2009 Special Need: Deformed Auricles
FOr more on these little boys please visit the link below.

Due to recent changes with the C3WA I can no longer post agencies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Older Child

Meet Blossom! 

Blossom is a beautiful 14 year old, but 14 is not the age any waiting child wants to reach, when they reach 14 they are no longer eligible for a family. Can you imagine?! Older child adoption is such an amazing blessing and I know Blossom would be a fantastic addition to a family. She NEEDS a family to love her and teach her. 

Could precious Blossom be YOUR daughter? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Xander

Sweet Xander from Starfish is waiting on an agecny specific list for his family he is an absoltue delight and I love this little guy! I got to meet him this summer while I was there for a month and spent several days interacting with him. He has such a sweet personality. He was born September of 2010 and was born with myelomeningocele on lumbosacral and has had his surgery to correct it. Please email me if you would like more on this sweet boy!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet little ones waiting Agency specific!

Jason: Feb 2011 history of heart issue, hypospadia, hernia (M)
Natasha: June 2009 Imperforatd Anus,secondary megacolon,CHD-TOF (F)
Heston: Jan 2010 post op anal atresia(imperforated anus), CHD (M)
Madeline: Dec 2009development delay (medium) (F)
Christina: Oct 2010 Hairy Nevus (F)
Jamie: May 2010 congenital a mass on bridge of the nose; congenital split right nosewing (F)
Haley June 2010 absence of right ear (F)
Rosalee April 2010 horizontal nystagmus; weak eye sight (F)
Willow Feb2009 post-op cleft lip and Palate, positive HBsAg, HBeAg, HBcAb (F)
Faith April 2008 CHD (F)
Channing August 2006weak eyesight, secondary neuratrophy (F)
Holly Born January 2010 post op CHD (TOF) & Delay waiting again (F)
There are many many more little ones waiting with BAAS please contact Xiaoqing for more info on any of these little ones

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elliot (Sue from BAAS) and Elisyn (Sandy from BAAS)

So I know I have been MIA lately and Ashton has done a good bit of the posting but this post is not for a particular child looking for a family but rather two girls that I advocated for on here that are now home or in China meeting her family. Elisyn and Elliot were both born with very severe heart defects and it is a miracle that they have made it to where they are now! I am asking for everyone who follows SWW to please pray for the complete healing of these two little girls hearts they deserve every chance at life any other little one would. Please continue to think about them whether you are Christian or not please send good thoughts to their families as they struggle with reality of raising a child with severe heart defects and that everyday they are here will be a blessing from above. Both little girls are incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to personally see what is in store for the two of them while they are here with us all!! I wont post pictures of the little girls I will leave that for their families but please if you would like to follow Elisyn's family go here you can read about her adoption and life since being home with her forever family! Elliot's family does not have a blog and I will try to keep everyone updated if I get permission from her mom!


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Zachary is waiting in China with Down Syndrome...Could he be your son?

Here is the information we know about him:
"He was born in September 2005, abandoned at 4 months old.
He loves to ride his toy car and do puzzles.
He has a lot of sympathy and is caring toward younger children.
He loves to eat noodles and fruit.
The nannies impression of him is that he is well behaved and sensible.
He likes to play the piano and listen to music."

If you don't feel called to adopt you can still go to make a donation towards his adoption fund..Oh how blessed his family will be when they see he has a fund waiting to go towards his adoption!
Go here to see more about Zachary and to make a donation towards his adoption.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting Princess with Post Opt Complicated CHD

Juliana was born July 2009
Diagnosis At 6 mths:
CHD: mitral atresia & single ventricle; inverted atrium; pulmonary atresia; ASD(foramen premium); patent ductus arteriosus.
Jan.19 2010 performedsuccessful surgery pulmonary shunt under general anesthesia.
Doctor’s advice: cardiac and anticoagulant therapy: take medicine: digoxin 30ug qd; aspirin enteric-coated tablets 20mg qd

April 2010: congenital heart disease, single ventricle, inverted atrium, pulmonary artery atresia, post shunt of BT, ostium primum defect, patent ductus arteriosus

Dec 2010, reported that Juliana is a shy girl who can pick up small bean with her fingers; can tear paper; likes to crawl everywhere; can stand up with hands holding support easily; can walk freely sitting on the baby walker; can walk for a distant with one hand held.
There is another mom who has more information on her and doctors reports I have an email into her asking her for more informaiton she can share to help her find a family if you would like more info on her please email me at!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Xue 13 years old

Sweet, beautiful Xue was abandoned at birth. She was found by a local villager her raised her as their 2009 the villager fell ill & passed away...Xue was then cared for by a street worker but earlier this year she was admitted to the orphanage.

This precious child treasure will age out early next year and is in desperate need of her forever family...could it be you?

She is a thoughtful girl, and she has healthy skin, black long hair, so she is a very lovely and very adorable little girl. She is studying in Middle School, in grade 7, all the caretakers and teachers love her, in institute she is a thoughtful girl and one good assistant to caretakers, can help caretaker to do some housework with her ability, such as: clean the room, wash the dishes, look after the younger sister and brothers, besides, she is careful to do every work and greet people politely. She can get along with other children in the institute and always ready to be supportive to others. Also she has good personal hygiene habits, her room and bed always be tidy and in order, wash her head, take shower, change clothes regularly. At school, Xue works hard, loves labor, respects the teacher, because of her hard working and talent, she has good records at school, good personal character, be welcomed by all the teachers and classmates. Xue interested in many activities, she likes singing, dancing, drawing, reading books extra-curricular etc. she has good appetite and never choosy on food, likes fruits, yogurt and candies etc.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Broken.

My heart is completely broken.
I am completely broken. 

After reading this post and finding news out from my sweet friend. It is overwhelming. My heart is shattered.
There are children all over the world JUST like Teri Lynn. She isn't alone. I have never been so shattered as to when I read that post. I sobbed. I got chills. It shook my world. A little girl all the way in Eastern Europe. {That sounds terribly isn't, promise} She is the one we should look at every day and remember to pray. There are 146 million orphans just like her. Waiting. 
Artem -- Waiting

Sweet Jacob, who I have been praying for for about 7 months now passed away. He had just been moved to an institution because he had turned 5 {like Teri Lynn}. He lived in Eastern Europe. He even had a family! and believe it or not, I was so attached to a little boy in a picture, who had stolen my heart. I had never met him, touched him, or been able to call him mine. But he was a part of me. {It sounds so weird to say, but it is so true}
Josie -- Waiting.

I am completely broken. I feel as if I could have done something to prevent it, even though I know I couldn't have. I trust God has a plan. God knew all the days of J's life and He KNEW what was going to happen. I feel that Jacob has been put in my life for a reason.
I am broken, for a reason. Something. HAS. TO. CHANGE.
Patrick -- Waiting

These children should not ever be forgotten. but, they are.
I am so thankful Jacob was NOT forgotten. He was SO loved. He was cherished. Prayed for. Why can't all of the children have something like this? Why can't they all be loved and prayed for. Why can't they all have families? People cared when something happened to Jacob, but there are 146 million who no one cares about. 
Kiki -- Waiting

We as Christians cannot just stand here and WATCH as innocent children die every day. I know, people are doing amazing things. but, I feel helpless. 
Priscilla -- Waiting

What can I do to change the life of another child so they do not have the same thing happen to them as Jacob or Teri Lynn? How can I change that? I can't adopt{yet}, unfortunately. But I CAN advocate. and THAT. I will do. I refuse to stand on the sidelines as innocent children each day die, forgotten, unloved, and considered "trash." Yes, Jesus loves them and holds them in His arms.  
Sasha -- Waiting

I fight the anger of why this is happening. Why does God allow this? {I know He doesn't and I know He has a plan...Don't think I am questioning God...} But, Why do I sit in America, in a beautiful, fabulous life style and WATCH these children through blogs and websites slowly wither away. Each day. I am so much to blame. We ALL are. 
Xander -- Waiting

If we are Christians, we are commanded to look after the orphans in their distress. We are not given an option. We are not nudged to do it. God does not just say "Well, if YOU want to" We are COMMANDED to do it. So, why do we all sit and watch? 
Meet Lisa, she is my newest child to advocate and pray for. I have fallen in love with this beautiful girl.
She is in China. Please pray for her. Please spread the word. Help her and the rest of these kids. FIND. the forever family they DESERVE.

*Ok, so I know we don't all sit and watch but still most of us DO.
All of the children posted throughout the post are WAITING. They are the Teri Lynn's and Jacobs. They don't have a Mommy and Daddy. They don't have HOPE. Can you give that to them?
Please join me in praying, advocating, and doing everything we possibly can to make a difference.
These sweet children, pray for them! They are waiting, to be loved, cherished, and to be wanted. Are you called? We are ALL called to help. Maybe you can't adopt, but you can make a difference.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.-Hebrew 10:23

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"June" waiting in China

When looking to adopt a child, many want a baby. I mean who wouldn't? A baby that you can cuddle, share firsts with, dress up, and with little girls, put big bows in their hair...I mean dude, me me!  But, seriously. There are so many beautiful, precious waiting OLDER children. They all need a Mommy and Daddy just as much as the babies do. They still have plenty of "firsts" and I bet you can bribe them to dress up know that they want a Mommy and Daddy, they deserve one. What child doesn't deserve to be told they are loved, beautiful, precious and learn about Jesus?

When I saw this post on this blog, I knew I had to share it. She needs a family. Could you be the Mommy she so badly wants? Could you make her wish come true?

While in China I met a 13 year old girl.  I will call her June. 

Because she had a birthday while we were there. Unfortunately we did not know that.  A June girl.

I actually wonder if she even knew it was her birthday. Something tells me they do not tell the kids, hey today is YOUR day!

Because she turned 13, it means she only has ONE YEAR left to find a family.  Or she loses her chance, forever.  At 14 they are to old.

So what becomes of her?  We really do not know.

Here is what I know about June.

She is beautiful and her smile lights up her face.

She watches out for the little ones. One day she was upstairs with us and we were trying to get the kids downstairs. One of the little ones needs a walker, and we did not know where it was. We did not have to say a word, June was on it and ran off to help her little friend.

She attends school so we were not with her as much as some of the other kids.  We know she can count in English and writes well.

She has palsey of the left limbs. But it did not seem to affect her.

Her favorite color is yellow.

And she wants a family. She told us this.

Because she only has ONE YEAR left,  she needs her family to step up NOW.

It COULD be done. 

So she might not be what you or I would typically think of when we think of adoption.

She is 13. she has lived in an orphanage her entire life. There will be issues to work through.

Though we did NOT see this side of her, she MIGHT be like any teenage girl.


Or she might not, because she might just look at life a bit differently.

Regardless of any of that, she wants a family.  She DESERVES a family, doesn't she?

She needs a daddy to tell her she is beautiful before she starts looking at boys.

She needs a mommy to take her shopping, fix her hair, talk to her about life.

She needs to hear about Jesus... 

Please help me spread the word about June. WE can be her voice.  WE can lift her up in prayer till she is home.  WE could change her world.  

Bringing June home is totally doable. She has a year. God has a family for this precious girl. Is it your family?
Please share and help June find her home! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This and That

This post is a bunch off jumbled up-ness.
So, bear with me {Ashton} as I just give you a few "announcements" then we shall get back to advocating. K? kay.

So, I am sure you noticed that SWW looks a bit different. Let us know what you think about the new blog design...Yay or Nay? Should we have stuck with the old design or do you like the little bit of color we threw in? Not that it is that important but we still would like to know :)

Another note, We have added a button to our side bar. This is an awesome way to share SWW with the world. And it is an easy way to "do your part" You never know if by sharing our button on your blog someone sees our website and finds their child! One less orphan and one more forever family! It can change lives. Just copy and paste the bottom part and put it in an HTML side on your sidebar and wahhlahhh. You got it!
OK we are having technical difficulties with the button! We will let you know as soon as it as fixed! Sorry Guys!

**UPDATE. We have the blog button working again...The one on the sidebar works! Thank you so much for telling us! Please spread the word! :)

Ok, next up is the fun part. I am talking with Taylor about maybe doing something really fun. Our goal by August is to have 50 followers. That would be huge. 50 followers might not seem like a lot, but it is definitely getting our name out there. That is only{ha.ha.only} 30 more. So, Share, Share, Share, add our button, Like our Face*book page, tell your friends, and anything else you can think of. Get our name out there.
If we get 50 followers, we will have a surprise. Some giveaway, drawing, whatever it may be. {Give ideas on that too! Blog design, tshirt-ish, just random gift, etc etc}

Until they all have Homes,