SWW Constitution

Still We Wait Constitution
Here at Still We Wait (SWW) we whole heartily put our best efforts forward to help children find homes. We do not discriminate when looking for children to advocate for nor do we bash agencies publically on the website. We do not, not advocate for a child because they are with a particular agency. Agencies play no role in who we do or do not advocate for. We advocate for the children regardless of who they are listed with.
The children’s privacy is our main goal and information on the child is private and cannot be used for anything other than advocating for them. We will not list the child’s real name nor will we list what country they are from we will refer to the child being from Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc. (This does not apply to China, Korea, or Russia) Their information cannot and will not be placed on any public site outside of SWW. All SWW post about children will be password protected with our designated password and no post ever containing a child’s information is to be public (Some countries do allow a child’s info to be placed publically but not all).
When advocating for the children we will not list what agency they are with as our second goal other than the children is protecting agencies rights to find homes for children. Placing agencies are the ones who bring home the children we advocate for and in no way will we hinder the agencies rights to place children.
When referring to agencies we do not like the practices of we will not post it publically anywhere! We know there are wonderful and amazing agencies out there and then the not so good ones. But we will not bash or talk down about agencies who place children because the children have our best interest and should be placed with families and advocated for regardless of the agency they are with. Our main goal is to help children find families and not to tell people what agencies to or not to adopt from. You may however say that you do not agree with one agency’s practices or that your family would not use them and you may privately tell people your experiences from an agency.
At SWW we are affiliated with the Christian religion not everyone who follows us is a Christian. At no time will be degrade other religions or discriminate against members of SWW that are not Christian. We are allowed to write in accordance with the Christian faith and are allowed to write faith based post. But we do not  force our religion among any of the other members or any of our followers.
Please Note this is not the full SWW constitution that is sent to members. This one has been modified slightly. If you are asked to join SWW you will have to comply to the full constitution.
SWW founders at any time have the right to change this constitution without the approval from other members. A copy of the new constitution will be sent to other member as soon as it is available for them to sign and forward back to the founders. 

The founders include Taylor Williams and Ashton Rice. 
If you feel SWW is an organization you would like to join please go HERE and fill out our volunteer application.

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