Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet little girls waiting in Russia


Date of Birth: June 21, 2005

The mother's rights were terminated by court. There is no father. Diagnosis: HIV+, dermatitis, umbilical hernia, dysarthria (she attends speech therapy). The children at this orphanage receive excellent medical therapy and have had their innoculations. Maggie is a normal, sociable, playful and happy child who tends to be a leader among the other kids. Additional photos are available.

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Next is the beautiful Ali


Date of Birth: August 10, 2005

Ali's mother passed away. Her sister is under the guardianship of their grandmother who has no intention of taking Ali as well. There is no father. Diagnosis: HIV+, functional heart murmur, astigmatism, squint, successfully repaired cleft lip. The children at this orphanage are said to be developmentally delayed due to being in an institutional setting. They receive excellent medical therapy and have had their innoculations. Ali is one of the most favorite children in the orphanage. She is a very well natured little girl and is described as being very tender, very kind, very musical with good intellect. She has the largest and most beautiful eyes. When you first see her you do not even notice her repaired lip because her eyes attract and keep your attention. To learn more about Ali please visit here

Next is the beautiful Anna B.

Girl – SJ2K-20

Date of Birth: November 2007

HIV+. Photo from late 2010. She is a very good, nice girl. She has a clever and beautiful future. This is an amazing girl! When she first got to the orphanage, they were worried because she was born very preterm. However, she has done extremely well. She communicates with the children by age, and not only communicates, but earned her space in the group. She is interested in toys, she cheers and shows positive emotions. She looks lively. Her progress is extraordinary! She previously had a poor appetitite, but now her appetite is excellent – she often has a second serving. She eats well and has become very active. She expresses her emotions with smiles and laughter. She likes when people pay attention to her. She feeds herself and drinks from a glass. She speaks in words and syllables. Anna is living in an orphanage with children who have Down Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. A committed family is urgently needed for her to be able to reach her full potential. More photos available. Parents up to 48 years age difference from her date of birth and up to 6 children in the family. Larger families will need pre-approval and can expect a very thorough court appt. Single mothers welcome. To learnmore about Anna pleas visit here

Next is the Beautiful Kaylee

Girl 114BT-3

Date of Birth: May 2006


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Next is the Beautiful Anastasia

Date of Birth: September 2005

Gender: Female

Anastasia is similar to the rosy-cheeked cherub in old Christmas cards. She is an affectionate, gentle and sociable child. She smiles a lot, not touchy, easily comes into contact. She is well developed, and she likes to play alone. She is a girl with character, strong-willed and likes a lot of attention. This little girl needs to know the love of parents to learn to trust people and be able to express her feelings and emotions, to share them with other children. HIV+

Additional photos and video available.

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Next is the Beautiful Alina B.

Date of Birth: August 2004

No siblings

Blue Eyes. Light Brown Hair. HIV.

Alina is a real leader and a cheerleader. She can be serious and thoughtful and may also light up with joy. She has endless childlike curiosity and she is very charming. Alina is active, brave, stubborn and she likes to play complex plot games with the boys. She prefers to play with cars and other boyish toys more than dolls. Alina talks a lot, likes to tell stories and she is a very happy girl.

Additional photos available.


To learn more about Alina please visit here

To also see more children like these little girls who are HIV+ waiting please visit here and for older children who are HIV+ and waiting visit here

Friday, April 15, 2011

Diana Has a Family!!!!!

There is a beautiful little girl named Diana who is waiting for a family. Without a family she could very well die. She turns 8 on Easter.{How AWESOME is that? An Easter birthday! She is a special girl!} Our goal is to find her a family by her birthday. Wouldn't that be the GREATEST gift of all? A family. People who will love her, accept her, and treat her like the Princess she is. Here is information about Diana.

Diana (29)

Girl, Born April 24, 2003

Look at that pretty smile! Light brown hair and big brown eyes, Diana is waiting for her forever family. She was born with mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) and has a pancreatic deficiency. We are waiting on more info about any possible medications or treatments that she takes for this, and about her prognosis medically. However, she is described as a smart and delightful girl. She is active and friendly and will do well in a loving family environment. She deserves the opportunity to live out her life at HOME, with opportunities to succeed outside of her orphanage.

Diana is listed with Reece's Rainbow.

You can get more information by going




Could YOU be Diana's DREAM come true?
Can you give this princess the fairy tale she deserves?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you have room in your heart for them?

Today's post is all for the older kids who wait. There are so many kids out there waiting simply because they are over the age of 2 and no longer the toddler/baby most people want to adopt! These children are agency specific unless other wise stated above their photo and are all from China. First is the beautiful Bria who is 13 and will age out this year she has CHD, VSD repair, TV Plasty, Hep B and she is stunning and has waiting way to long for a family.


Next is the beautiful Maizie who is 6 years old and has congenital nystagmus, ametropia, partial ablephary, ptosis, small rima oculi and microphthalmia-both eyes

Next is the handsome Derby who is 11 and has some developmental delays

Next is the beautiful Sadie who is 8 years old and has a curvature of spine slightly enlarged - mild humpback

Next is Megan who is 12 and HEALTHY she is just waiting for a mom and dad to love her!! NExt is Handsome Aaron who is 10 years old and has front arms and hands deformity - both sides.

Next is 9 year old Ben who has a form of CHD isnt he a cutie!! 9 is great age he looks like he would be a ball full of fun!!

Next is Thomas who is 13 and HEALTHY just waiting for a family to love on him!! He will also age out of adoption this year!!

Next is the lovely Ellie who is 8 years old post op cleft lip cleft palate!! Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Next is the handsome Andrew who is 12 and HEALTHY he just needs a family to love him!! He is on the Shared list from Dong Guan

Next is the beautiful Katy 7yrs - Restricted motor of limbs, other who is on the Shared List Child from Dong Guan. Isnt she just stunning!!

Next is Nigel who is 8yrs old and has walleye, left old iritis pupil, pupil dislocation 3 congenital. Doesnt he just look a a handfull!! He is on the shared list from Dong Guan.

Next is the beautiful Tillie who is 7 years old with congenital atresia of both ears

Next is the beautiful Angela who is 7 and has dislocation of hip joint


Last but not least is the Handsome Max 10yrs - repaired CL/CP, Hep B and he is on the Shared List Child from Dong Guan. Isnt he just adorable!!

If anyone would like to know more about these beautiful children please email me at or is you are the lucky parent of one of them let me know so I can keep this site up to date or if you want me to remove their info let me know.