Want to Join SWW?

Want to Write with SWW?
If you are interested in joining our team please take the time to fill out this application. You will have to copy and paste the questions to a word document and then email it toStillwewait@aol.com.  We will keep your application on file. Ashton, Taylor, and current writers will refer to one another when adding new individuals to our team and everyone will be taken into consideration. If you are seriously interested in joining please take the time to read our constitution and if you think that SWW would be a fit for you fill out the application and send it to us. Please go HERE to read the SWW Constitution. Please note that you will get a confirmation email that we got your application but unless we decided to add you to our team you will not receive any further emails from us. Also note that we are not always adding new members and will only add members as we feel led to do so.
Male:________ Female:_________
Are you over 18? Yes______ No_______
If you are not over 18 how old are you? __________
*Please be aware that if you are not over 18 we will need parental permission for you to join our team.
What Country do you live in:________________________
1. How did you hear about SWW?
2. What qualities do you think you could bring to SWW?
3. Have you ever advocated for children if so when and where?
4. What are your strengths please list a few and explain if necessary?
5. What are your weaknesses and how do you manage dealing with those?
6. Do you have any experience with adoption? International or Domestic? If international which country or countries. Please note SWW founders are American so if your domestic adoption program is not the US system please specify that.
** If you answered yes to number 6 what is your relationship with adoption? I.E Sibling of an adopted child, parent of an adopted child, social worker, etc.
7. Do you currently have a blog? Yes_________ No_______
**If yes can you share it with us we would love to follow and learn more about you and your family?
8. Do you volunteer with any nonprofit organizations that help orphans or impoverished children? If so which one(s) and how are you involved?
9. SWW is a Christian based advocacy blog. Do you practice Christianity? If you do not would you be willing to comply with our Christian Standards? Disclaimer: We do not discriminate when selecting new members to bring on but we need to know that our members will comply with SWW rules and regulations.
10. Do you think you could commit about 4 hours a month to posting for SWW? Yes__________ No_________ *If no how many hours do you think you could commit?
11. If you are selected as a member of SWW you will be given access to very confidential information on children as well as password. Do you feel that you could keep this information confidential? If so why?
12. Please list two people we could contact that would give you a simple recommendation.

NO FAMILY, if you are still in High school we would like a teacher who could vouch for your writing ability.
1. Reference Name: _______________________________
How long have they known you:___________________
Relationship to you:_____________________________

2. Reference Name: _______________________________
How long have they known you:___________________
Relationship to you:_____________________________

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