Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Xander

Sweet Xander from Starfish is waiting on an agecny specific list for his family he is an absoltue delight and I love this little guy! I got to meet him this summer while I was there for a month and spent several days interacting with him. He has such a sweet personality. He was born September of 2010 and was born with myelomeningocele on lumbosacral and has had his surgery to correct it. Please email me if you would like more on this sweet boy!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet little ones waiting Agency specific!

Jason: Feb 2011 history of heart issue, hypospadia, hernia (M)
Natasha: June 2009 Imperforatd Anus,secondary megacolon,CHD-TOF (F)
Heston: Jan 2010 post op anal atresia(imperforated anus), CHD (M)
Madeline: Dec 2009development delay (medium) (F)
Christina: Oct 2010 Hairy Nevus (F)
Jamie: May 2010 congenital a mass on bridge of the nose; congenital split right nosewing (F)
Haley June 2010 absence of right ear (F)
Rosalee April 2010 horizontal nystagmus; weak eye sight (F)
Willow Feb2009 post-op cleft lip and Palate, positive HBsAg, HBeAg, HBcAb (F)
Faith April 2008 CHD (F)
Channing August 2006weak eyesight, secondary neuratrophy (F)
Holly Born January 2010 post op CHD (TOF) & Delay waiting again (F)
There are many many more little ones waiting with BAAS please contact Xiaoqing for more info on any of these little ones