Monday, February 27, 2012

Starfish Boy in Foster Care with a Family

Christopher is a Starfish boy that has been in foster care with a family in Shanghai since September 2007: Below is from his Foster family as they have asked me to help advocate for him to find him a forever family. They are unable to adopt him due to circumstances in their home country regarding special needs adoption.

DOB: July 2007

We live in Shanghai and have been fostering Christopher since he was 2 months old.  He has spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  He had surgery for his spina bifida in October 2007 with Dr Bao in Shanghai at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre.  He can not walk, however he scoots on his bottom with ease and 'commando crawls' to get around.  He is incredibly strong. We are not sure about his bladder and bowel control.  He wea rs a nappy, however he also can do a wee and poo on the toilet sometimes.  Constipation is a problem sometimes and we encourage him to eat lots of fruit and he knows 'it's for my poop!'.  In August 2008, Christopher suffered a broken leg (thigh bone).  He ended up suffering 5 breaks (all in the thigh bones) in 6 months which doctors told us was brittle bones as a result of the spina bifida.  He has been on alendronate since then and has not had a broken bone since February 2009.  The bone density in his legs has improved.  His right foot does not sit flat and this will require surgery later (tendons).

Christopher also has a congenital rib (R) deformity.  This can result in his breathing becoming labored when he gets a chest infection.  We are vigilant when he does start coughing and get him to the doctors.  He has had 2 chest infections this winter.  We saw an orthopedic surgeon in December who felt that the rib deformity was not impacting him negatively and wants to see him in another year.  The rib deformity/future scoliosis will need surgery when he is older.

Christopher wears glasses and his eyes are improving.  I would have to find out more information regarding the exact problem with his eyes, I'm sorry I don't know details.  (Christopher sees excellent doctors at the Xin Hua hospital, however language can be a barrier as it is often in Chinese).

Christopher speaks English and Mandarin, and also some Shanghainese.  He confidently communicates in and is able to translate/change between the English and Mandarin.  He talks a lot - he likes to tell us what he is doing and ask questions.  He loves to listen to stories, talking about the pictures and loves to turn the pages.  He is learning the animal names and sounds and colors.  He counts up to 10 and can count objects.  He loves 'lift-the-flap' books.  He will sit and look at books for a while by himself.  He likes Spot, the Wiggles and Toy Story.

Christopher likes to play with wooden blocks and duplo, stacking them and building.  He plays with Chelsea (5) - they dress up, play doctor s, cook and look after the babies/teddies.  He likes to do puzzles and is so proud of himself when he finishes them.  He likes to draw.  He likes to make simple tracks with his new train set.  He likes to be with Sam (14) and Jackson (11) and loves it when they play their music for him.  He doesn't like loud noises, getting upset when he first hears them.  He likes to go to sleep with his door open a bit.  He has a nap for about an hour in the afternoon.  He goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up between 6 and 6:30am.  He is a good sleeper and sleeps through the night.  

He likes to go outside to play.  He loves going down the slippery slide and can do it by himself.  He loves animals.  When we have looked after our fr iends' dog, the first thing he wants to do in the morning is see her.  He just likes to sit beside her and rest his head on her.  He is very gentle with animals.  He likes to go to the park, sit on the grass, roll/throw a ball and loves to blow bubbles.

Christopher is a people person and the life of the party.  Everyone loves him.  He has a beautiful personality.  He is almost always happy, from the moment he wakes up.  He will talk to anyone and says hello to everyone he meets.  He always has a smile that lights up his face!  He has a great sense of humour.  He can be demanding and finds it frustrating to have to wait. We are working on this with him and find the positive - at least he knows what he wants!  

He loves to eat noodles and rice. He also likes toast and sandwiches, sausages and pasta.  He likes dry cereal breakfast along with his fruit.  He feeds himself and can drink from a cup.  He takes his medicine well each morning.  He likes chocolate and chips.  He will generally try most foods.  He doesn't like big chunks of meat to chew.

Christopher has a good routine and knows it well (especially when it's time to eat).  He is very independent and wants to try to do things himself.  He loves a cuddle and kisses.  He loves a 'rumble in the jungle' - a roll around o n the floor. He is very tactile and loves to touch faces (especially whiskers and chins).  He is a go getter, a fighter and an adorable little boy.  He never ceases to amaze us and his happy outlook on life encourages everyone around him.

I have more pictures and videos from his foster family coming and will share those with interested families as soon as I have them. He is an adorable little boy and is in need of a forever family if you would like to know more on him please email me personally at just make sure to have the subject line as Starfish boy Chris so I know which child you are referring to. Also feel free to share his info with families looking to adopt or with other advocates. Help me find this little guy his Momma and Baba.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Agency Specific Kids

Analise-May 2009 Cleft palate, delay, hearing concern

Jonathan-March 2010 post op CHD(VSD) & post op hydrocephalus

Cameron Oct 2004 post op CHD (TOF)

Nala Sept 2010 abnormal CT MY FAMILY FOUND ME!!

James March 2010-brain damage syndrome

Reese Oct 2010 syndactyly, deformed wrists (1)

Chase Dec 2007-post op teratoma

Josh Nov 2005 deaf

Maisy-Oct 2006 CHD
 (Guangdong Girl) MY FAMILY FOUND ME!!

Scott-Jan 2010-Hypospadia

Serafina March 2011 post op anal atresia, fistula

Brett-Nov 2009 post-op complicated CHD

Valerie March 2009 post op cleft lilp-pal, post op megacolon & vaginal fistula
 (In Foster Care)

Please if you see a little one you would like to know more about email us at and one of us can connect you to the agency that holds their file. This agency also has many many more waiting angels looking for families so please if you would just like the agency name you can email as well. All that we ask is you give us the name of the child you are interested in learning more about. We will try to keep this updated with children who are matched or are sent back to the shared list. 

Agency Requirements/Rules (Not China Requirements) 
  • Must be home with current adopted child for at least 6 months 
  • Cannot adopt 2 at once unless twins
  • Files will not be transferred unless agency is unsuccessful at matching the child or a family with a log in date is ready to submit LOI or the child has a more severe special need then on some cases the transfer will occur.
  • All other China rules apply waivers can be granted on a case by case basis

Monday, February 13, 2012

Starfish babies

So sorry I have been a complete slacker lately. Life has been crazy busy but I am back today. Here are a few waiting children and I will add more lately

BELLA: Starfish Baby DOB: September 2010
SN: postop hydrocephalus, meningomyocele

XANDER: Starfish Baby DOB September 2009
SN: postop hydrocephalus, meningomyocele
I have so much more on these little ones including photos and videos. Please Email us for more info on either of them they are both on the Shared list!