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My name is Lija (Leah) and I am 15 years old. My goal in life is to serve God to the best of my ability and help as many children as possible, in any way that I can. For the past three years my world has revolved around learning more and more about International Adoption and dreaming up ways to live my life in a way that I can make a difference, while taking part in the miracle of adoption. I plan to start going to a variety of different countries on mission trips once I turn 18. I want to adopt children through the special needs program in China, and from Uganda.

    I believe every child should know the love of a family and get the chance to see how brightly they shine in God's light, regardless of any special needs they may have. Every child can achieve greatness when they are loved! I believe that adoption is a connection between God and a child. God needs someone to stand up and be a parent to that child, so they can live the life He wants for them. By adopting, I feel that you are acting as the bridge between God and the child. It would be an honor for me to have that privilege.

Along with adopting, my ultimate dream is to someday move to Vietnam with my family and be a full time missionary that helps orphans. My heart has always been drawn to Vietnam and the people there, so that would be a miraculous accomplishment for me. I also want to be a writer when I grow up. I want to bring awareness  to all the suffering in the world through my writing about, or based on, my experiences with adoption and missionary work. I have big dreams and I've always reached for the stars because I know God has faith in me as well as big plans for me, and I will not fail Him. I can do ANYTHING through Him. I trust that He is leading me down the path I'm meant to be on, and I cannot wait to see where this path will take me.

My name is Mellissa, and I am from BC, Canada. I love Jesus and want to be his hands and feet on earth. When I was in grade 8 God told me I was going to be a missionary, a moment that has changed my life. I am now going to college to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, which is a skill I will hopefully be using in missions at some point in the future. Since I was in my early teens I have felt a strong call towards caring for the orphans, and my heart has been broken over their plight. I pray that God will use me through this blog, and find some homes for children!

My name is Rachel and I’m 14 years old. I first gained my love for orphans last year when my mom took me on a trip to China. As part of our trip we spent a week with China’s “special need” orphans. My experience really touched me and I couldn’t just do nothing. Since my last trip I’ve gone back to China and stayed longer. I really got to know the children I was with and see what amazing things they could do. I am starting working towards being a nurse so I can help these children all around the world. I also want to adopt “special needs” children from China. I think that every child deserves a family and a loving environment. I’ve seen how these children can blossom with love. I believe that, although adopting SN kids can be hard in some cases, it is a huge blessing. From working with them I know they have the sweetest spirits and I believe that SN kids can sometimes see people as God sees them better than the rest of us. I think they play an important part in God’s plan. I want to help these children all find their families. I can’t wait until I’m able to adopt and can start bringing some home to me.

MaryLeigh is an adoptive mom of two adorable boys from Korea:

Please go HERE to read all about her and her family.

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