Saturday, October 22, 2011

Please considering Helping this Family bring home their Daughter

Many of the people remember the little girl Pearl who was advocated for on here! Well, as you know she has been matched and the family happens to be one that I dearly love and admire! They are stepping out on faith to bring Pearl home and went against the norm of waiting until they had the finances to do so. Please consider helping them bring her home it is possible for you to win one of the TWO iPads that someone generously donated so every penny will go to their adoption cost and not to buy the iPads. The deal is $2 for 1 ticket OR $10 for 6 tickets.  Drawing will be December 1st.  Here are the prizes
1st Prize - 32 GB iPad
2nd Prize - 16 GB iPad

Please go to the family's blog for more on how to enter

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boys 3 and under who are waiting

Please note that these children may or may not be matched at this time. Due to the rapid changing of the shared list and since we have moved blogs we are unable to always keep this post updated. If you know of a child who has been matched listed here let us know stillwewait @ Thank you!

Shared list boys
2009, June 14th, Boy
2010, June 5th,
SN: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Crossed eyes, Heart disease

L Mao Kids
Brennan male, age 3 right hand and left ear deformity-MATCHED

L non mao kids agency specific- 
Freddy male, age 1 congenital deformity of right corners of mouth, congenital atresia and defect of right outer ear and auricular tube.

Jimmy male, age 3 congenital glaucoma of right eye, pinnal deformity of right ear

Mark male, age 3 cleft lip/palate

L Shared list kids
Nathan Male, Age 22 months Heterochromia Iris, Dysaudia

Larson Male, Age 3 Polydactyly Right Hand, Deformity of Left Auricle

Lincoln Male, Age 22 Months Postoperative CHD

Jeremiah Male, Age 2 Postoperative Meningocele

Nate Male, Age 2 Post-Operative Cataracts on both Eyes

C hope Kids,
Dang He is a 3-year-old boy with cleft palate III and a deformity with his left foot. DOB 11/9/2007
Yang Fu is a 1-year-old boy with a post-operative meningocelein and has had surgery to drain his hydrocephalus meningocelein is in the lumbosacral area. DOB Sept 1 2010

Dang Qing is a 2-year-old boy with post-operative hydrocephalus.
Sui Xiu is a 3-year-old boy with congenital heart defect and special needs. CHD; syndactylia of right index and middle fingers (CHD and exclusion of right syndactylia can be done); bilateral undescended testicles; short penis DOB Feb 20,2008

Dang Guo is a young boy with poor msucular tension in his extremities DOB July 14, 2010
For more info on the CHI boys click on the link below

MATCHED: Boy limb differences 3 years old

B Waiting Children email X for more info on them xqcai @

Hayden Born Jan 2011 Albinism

Nicholas-born Sept-2008 CHD (TOF)

Jackson born Dec 2009 hydrocele, hernia, Laryngomalacia
Thomas born Feb 2008 deformity of external ears
Aiden born Nov 2010 Albinsim
Isaac born Jun 2011-Urogenital issue
Cade-October 2010-congenital limb deformity
Jayce Feb 2011 post-op CHD, post-treatment club feet, umbilical hernia, questionable hearing test on left
Craig-March 2010 hand and foot deformity
Shane Nov 2009 cleft lip, palate, HepB carrier, birthmark on back of head
Noah April 2010 facial angiomatosis IQ test at 9 mths indicates delay

Owen born December 2009 Hydrocephalus
Jason 2-11 history of CHD minor hypospadia-hernia
Heston Jan2010 post op anal atresia(imperforated anus), CHD
Jared March 2010 deafness, hypospadia, hernia
Zander born June 2008 premature
Asher born February 2009 growth delay

S W Kids
Jake is 20 mths old He was born 10-22-2009 Jake's SN: post op club feet and possible arthrogryposos or reflex concern. He is currently living at New Hope Foundation.

DOB: 12/25/2009 Special Need: Deformed Auricles
FOr more on these little boys please visit the link below.

Due to recent changes with the C3WA I can no longer post agencies.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Older Child

Meet Blossom! 

Blossom is a beautiful 14 year old, but 14 is not the age any waiting child wants to reach, when they reach 14 they are no longer eligible for a family. Can you imagine?! Older child adoption is such an amazing blessing and I know Blossom would be a fantastic addition to a family. She NEEDS a family to love her and teach her. 

Could precious Blossom be YOUR daughter?