Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Agency Specific Kids!!

All of today's kids are agency specific and have a varity of needs please take a look at some of the cuties who are waiting!!

first is the handsome Evan he is a LWB baby born 12-09 with strabismus (crossed-eyes); post-operative shunt for CHD (transposition of the great arteries, underdeveloped pulmonary artery

Next is the Cutie Jasper post op cleft lip, bilateral cleft palate 1/16/09. He has a birthday soon please someone make his birthday wish come true!

Next is Handsome Tate who was born with a club foot only on June 7, 2008

Next is a cutie I have watched on the list for a long time and I have yet to figure out why he is still waiting except for the fact that he is a boy! Ben was born 12/22/09 just turned a year old!! He was born with Microsia and there may be some hearing loss not known for sure. But couldn't you just eat that face up!!

Next up is the beautiful Josie who was born with a heart defect CHD on 1/17/01 her CHD has been repaired! There is a video avaiable on her for interested families.

Up next is another beautiful little girl Hong was born 6/23/01 and she was born with Thelassemia unsure if it is A or B or minor or major.

and last but not least is Yang a beautiful little boy born 7/26/09 his sn is CL maybe a cleft palate not mentioned though and he has a form of CHD!

Please note that I do not know anymore about these kiddos other then what is listed I will be happy to direct families to the agency who holds their files. All of these little ones are agency specific and are not on the shared list. The agency they are listed with I have heard nothing but good things of them if you would like to know the agency any of these little ones are with please email me at tsw1203@aol.com and I will gladly share this info with you!!

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