Friday, April 15, 2011

Diana Has a Family!!!!!

There is a beautiful little girl named Diana who is waiting for a family. Without a family she could very well die. She turns 8 on Easter.{How AWESOME is that? An Easter birthday! She is a special girl!} Our goal is to find her a family by her birthday. Wouldn't that be the GREATEST gift of all? A family. People who will love her, accept her, and treat her like the Princess she is. Here is information about Diana.

Diana (29)

Girl, Born April 24, 2003

Look at that pretty smile! Light brown hair and big brown eyes, Diana is waiting for her forever family. She was born with mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) and has a pancreatic deficiency. We are waiting on more info about any possible medications or treatments that she takes for this, and about her prognosis medically. However, she is described as a smart and delightful girl. She is active and friendly and will do well in a loving family environment. She deserves the opportunity to live out her life at HOME, with opportunities to succeed outside of her orphanage.

Diana is listed with Reece's Rainbow.

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Could YOU be Diana's DREAM come true?
Can you give this princess the fairy tale she deserves?

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