Monday, February 20, 2012

Agency Specific Kids

Analise-May 2009 Cleft palate, delay, hearing concern

Jonathan-March 2010 post op CHD(VSD) & post op hydrocephalus

Cameron Oct 2004 post op CHD (TOF)

Nala Sept 2010 abnormal CT MY FAMILY FOUND ME!!

James March 2010-brain damage syndrome

Reese Oct 2010 syndactyly, deformed wrists (1)

Chase Dec 2007-post op teratoma

Josh Nov 2005 deaf

Maisy-Oct 2006 CHD
 (Guangdong Girl) MY FAMILY FOUND ME!!

Scott-Jan 2010-Hypospadia

Serafina March 2011 post op anal atresia, fistula

Brett-Nov 2009 post-op complicated CHD

Valerie March 2009 post op cleft lilp-pal, post op megacolon & vaginal fistula
 (In Foster Care)

Please if you see a little one you would like to know more about email us at and one of us can connect you to the agency that holds their file. This agency also has many many more waiting angels looking for families so please if you would just like the agency name you can email as well. All that we ask is you give us the name of the child you are interested in learning more about. We will try to keep this updated with children who are matched or are sent back to the shared list. 

Agency Requirements/Rules (Not China Requirements) 
  • Must be home with current adopted child for at least 6 months 
  • Cannot adopt 2 at once unless twins
  • Files will not be transferred unless agency is unsuccessful at matching the child or a family with a log in date is ready to submit LOI or the child has a more severe special need then on some cases the transfer will occur.
  • All other China rules apply waivers can be granted on a case by case basis

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