Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking For A New Writer

I have a request everyone. We are looking for a new SWW writer to help us out, with me being in college it is getting harder and harder to find time to post about children waiting. I am looking for one or two more writer to help me and Ashton do posts about waiting children and to help educate families on different special needs. I do not want Ashton to have to carry the weight by herself as she is very busy with school as well. Anyone who is interested please email me and we can chat. Or if any of you know of someone looking to start an advocacy blog that would like to partner with us let me know.

All we ask from this individual is a heart for the orphan and a desire to help us find and advocate for children in desperate need of a family. Experience with wordpress and/or blogger would be great but it is something that is easily picked up on and me and Ashton can help you figure it out. Also anyone feel free to apply we are NOT limiting this only to individuals our age.

My Email is tsw1203@aol.com just be sure to include SWW writer in the subject.

Many thanks to all those that have asked to be a SWW writer we have gotten a wonderful response and me and Ashton will be looking through everyone who asked to write with us. We will let everyone know something soon. Please be patient with us as we are new to adding members to our team and our working hard on getting things together to send out to our new writers. Thank you everyone once again! We hope that one day we will be adding new writers again!

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