Monday, December 13, 2010

Puppy Dog Tails!! More Boys!

I hate to see how many children wait simply because they were born the wrong gender! I know that if these little cute guys were girls they would have been gobbled up. Today's boys are all from an agencies Hope Camp this past summer and are so cute if I must add. I am able to direct you to the specific agency that holds their file if any family would like more info on them. Please spread the word about the BOYS! They are simply amazing, cute, and sweet! This is coming from an older sister of a little boy from China and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Now on to some of the little ones who wait More kids will be added to this later but here is the start of them!

Brad: Cleft Palate; speech delay; DOB 12/26/06 Describe as Shy and obstinate sometimes likes toy cars,

Carter: Post opt cleft lip and palate DOB: 5/17/2005 shy introverted and fond of playing alone by himself or listening to music

Clay: Post opt cleft lip and palate; DOB 3/28/2004; Described as restless, talkative, likes to sing and listen to music, gets along well and would like a family in America and wants to ride a plane; he is energetic and extroverted. He did state that that he bonds well with children younger than he and likes girls. He loves hot weather and chocolate!

Elliot: Repaired CHD; DOB 6/8/2006; He is timid, shy, fond of quietness, has a ready smile, introverted, obstinate and impatient sometimes

Gary; CHD; DOB 10/12/2006 Active talkative has a ready smile extroverted likes cell phones and toy guns likes reading picture books and playing games

Joel; Post opt anus imperforate; DOB 9/27/2005; shy, fond of imitating, talkative, gets along well with others, extroverted, fond of reading picture book and playing games

If anyone would like more info on some of these little ones please email me at

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