Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 Starfish girls waiting

There are currently 4 Starfish girls waiting for their forever families Sally, Mila, Megan, and Kaitlyn. Sally and Mila were born with SB that has been repaired and they are able to walk and run. Megan has CP and I am unsure of Kaitlyn's exact sn. Kaitlyn is on the shared list and the other 3 are agency specific please email me at tsw1203@aol.com if you would like to know the agency the girls are listed with be sure to include her name. Will post their pictures later!!

Update: Mila has a family!!


  1. Hi Girls!
    I need help spreading the word about "Gabriella" at Pearl River Outreach.
    She was just released as a Special Focus child last night.

    I have a post about her at the PRO Blog..

    Thank you!

  2. Can you verify that Mila is matched? She is our son's best friend and we would like to get in touch with the family.