Sunday, May 8, 2011

Angel HAS a family!

There is a beautiful little girl in China who is waiting on her forever family.
Born March 2010

Angel has post op anal atresia MIH variant of Holoprosencephaly(HPE).

She smiles, laughs, plays, reacts, crawls, and lifts her arms up to be held. Angel is a laid back, pleasant baby. The surgery for her anal atresia was successful.
She is so very beautiful and is in an awesome Foster System! They have a lot of photos of her and she would make a beautiful addition to any family!

I am this little girl's prayer warrior on Reece's Rainbow.
She has $220 already funded towards her adoption!
Could this be your daughter?


for more information!

Thank you guys for helping us help children all around the world who need Homes!


  1. I clicked over to RR and she's listed as having family. How exciting!

  2. She has had a family for quite awhile now I thought....