Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost 2 Year Old Girl Waiting-China---Matched??

Meet Lucy, As you can tell by her pictures, She is a beautiful little girl with fair skin and pretty brown eyes. She will be 2 years old later this year. Her caretakers describe her as active, cute, and lovely, and state that she loves to be cuddled by others. She has a strong personality and often enjoys accomplishing whatever she set her mind to. Her favorite thing is to play with her friends. She has been diagnosed with Poland’s syndrome, which has resulted in dextrocardia and a deformed thorax. Her lower arm has also been amputated. She has done extremely well following this surgery and she continues to be a bright and happy little girl. If you would like to know more about Lucy and the agency she is with please email me

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  1. oh, she is just beautiful!! Praying for this sweet girl, praying she finds a loving family, praying she comes to know Jesus personally. Praying for a hope and a future!!