Saturday, July 30, 2011


Xue 13 years old

Sweet, beautiful Xue was abandoned at birth. She was found by a local villager her raised her as their 2009 the villager fell ill & passed away...Xue was then cared for by a street worker but earlier this year she was admitted to the orphanage.

This precious child treasure will age out early next year and is in desperate need of her forever family...could it be you?

She is a thoughtful girl, and she has healthy skin, black long hair, so she is a very lovely and very adorable little girl. She is studying in Middle School, in grade 7, all the caretakers and teachers love her, in institute she is a thoughtful girl and one good assistant to caretakers, can help caretaker to do some housework with her ability, such as: clean the room, wash the dishes, look after the younger sister and brothers, besides, she is careful to do every work and greet people politely. She can get along with other children in the institute and always ready to be supportive to others. Also she has good personal hygiene habits, her room and bed always be tidy and in order, wash her head, take shower, change clothes regularly. At school, Xue works hard, loves labor, respects the teacher, because of her hard working and talent, she has good records at school, good personal character, be welcomed by all the teachers and classmates. Xue interested in many activities, she likes singing, dancing, drawing, reading books extra-curricular etc. she has good appetite and never choosy on food, likes fruits, yogurt and candies etc.

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