Monday, August 8, 2011

Waiting Princess with Post Opt Complicated CHD

Juliana was born July 2009
Diagnosis At 6 mths:
CHD: mitral atresia & single ventricle; inverted atrium; pulmonary atresia; ASD(foramen premium); patent ductus arteriosus.
Jan.19 2010 performedsuccessful surgery pulmonary shunt under general anesthesia.
Doctor’s advice: cardiac and anticoagulant therapy: take medicine: digoxin 30ug qd; aspirin enteric-coated tablets 20mg qd

April 2010: congenital heart disease, single ventricle, inverted atrium, pulmonary artery atresia, post shunt of BT, ostium primum defect, patent ductus arteriosus

Dec 2010, reported that Juliana is a shy girl who can pick up small bean with her fingers; can tear paper; likes to crawl everywhere; can stand up with hands holding support easily; can walk freely sitting on the baby walker; can walk for a distant with one hand held.
There is another mom who has more information on her and doctors reports I have an email into her asking her for more informaiton she can share to help her find a family if you would like more info on her please email me at!

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