Friday, December 30, 2011

Waiting Little Boys!

Agency G

MILES DEC 2007 Thal B Major

Guillermo DOB: Oct. 2009 SN: He has bilateral microtia, but can hear in his right ear. He also has a cyst in his left eye, but it does not cause him any problems

Oliver and Hudson (TWINS) Had an adnormal brain scan DOB Feb 2010 Oliver and Hudson came into care when they were one month old. Their development has been a little slower than other children, however they are progressing well. Both boys can crawl and walk with support. They can babble and play with blocks. They love toys that make noise and to crawl everywhere!

Agency CC

XJW 5/29/2010 Cleft palate, repaired cleft lip, mild hydrocephalus

ZZY0911.1.4 DOB: 11-19-10 BOY SN: Ear deformity/hearing problem

Agency B

Landon April 2011 Cong proctatresia, hypospadias and rectum urethral fistula

Daniel Jan 2008-missing fingers on left hand

Will Feb 2010 Left microtia, ankylotia

Johnny June 2010 Cleft lip and palate

Shaun July 2010-Deformed & Dysaudia of ears, CHD (PF)

Rhett Aug 2009 cleft lip and palate

Zander-July 2010 Urogenital issue(enorchia of left side), treated anemia

Charlie-June 2010 treated club foot, delay,unknown anus surgery in past, normal defacation

Shane Nov 2009 cleft lip, palate, HepB carrier, birthmark on back of head

Agency AA

Lance Jan. 2011 cleft lip and palate. He has not yet had surgery to correct this

Nathaniel DOB: 4-19-10 SN: post-op cleft lip; cleft palate; ecphyma in front of his left ear

Agency AS

Dalton boy 2.5 repaired cl/cp

Agency W

Chet 2/2011 Heart Defect and Hernia. Chet is a small child in comparison to his peers. He is an outgoing boy who is happy when anyone stays with him, talks to him, or shares toys with him. He especially likes toys with music and bright colors. He has congenital hear disease and a special, sensitive issue. He needs a family to aid his physical and mental development. Due to his age, it is thought that he will adapt quickly to a new environment.

If  anyone would like more info on any of these little boys please send us an email at

Taylor and Ashton

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