Monday, January 2, 2012

What About Now?

What is holding you back from adopting?
1.      -We don't have the funds/don't want to take away from our other children
2.      -It's not for us/Were not called to adopt
3.      -I couldn't love a child that isn't born from me
4.      -I could not handle a special needs child
5.      -We are not special people
6.      -We cannot handle another child
7.      -We don't have the time to
8.      -What people would think of us (applies more to those adopting a child of a different race or culture)
Many of these excuses are what people are using every day to keep them from adopting a child that needs them more than they could ever fathom.

I know that everyone who follows SWW is not a Christian or affiliated with a religion but it is SWW motto that Every Child Deserves a Family no matter where they are from or what their special need may be. Each child is special in his or her own way.

1.      Funds will come they always do people who have very little bring home children every day. If God calls you he will provide for the adoption. You can hold fundraisers, hold auctions, benefit dinners etc...
2.      Everyone is called to care for the orphan it is not an option it is a command to care for the orphan and the widow in their distress... James 1:27. IT IS NOT AN OPTION but a command he doesn't say do it if you can fit it into you schedule or if you have time care for them. Even if you cannot adopt you can give to an orphan to help better their life or donate to a family adopting a child.
3.      If you were handed a child who needed  you right now you would cuddle them every woman would a sweet innocent baby what isn't there to love. Love might not come immediately but over time it will. Love comes softly and over time it builds slowly.
4.      Sure you could Special needs may sound scary but in reality many of the children adopted from the Special needs program are normal healthy children with cosmetic issues such as Missing finger, Cleft Lips, Club foot, Birth Marks, Ear Deformities. Underneath their special need they are a normal child who wants to be loved and accepted some children do have more severe needs that require more extensive surgeries such as Heart Defects, Spinal Related Issues, and Hydrocephalus. Some Children have intellectual needs that are not correctable and then there are need that do not require medical intervention at all such as missing limbs and digits, ear deformities that do not affect hearing, birthmarks, Age yes being over the age of 6 is a special need in many countries and even being a boy can be a special need.
5.      It does not take special people to love a child and to provide for their needs. No one person is perfect those that adopt just want children to love and to share their love with
6.      Yes another child will bring more work, laundry, expense in general. But with that there are extra kisses and hugs, another child to watch grow and mature, and more love all around.
7.      Well you had the time for that vacation didn't you why couldn't you make time for one more little one.
8.      Honestly who cares what they think of you people will either love you are hate you why try to please everyone.
So What About Now what is your excuse not to adopt and do as you are called. If you are called God will provide. 2012 is a brand new year and yes no one ever said it would be easy but will you tell God no and let a small child sit and waste away because you are too caught up in your current life to break and cry for the orphan. Will you answer his call before it is too late for a child?

In these few days of 2012 children have been abandoned without left to survive on their own and grow up in orphanages that DO NOT care for them whether they live or die.

So what about now are you going to sit back and let another child suffer or will you answer the call that has been commanded and help a child that needs you.

Adoption does not take a special person all it takes is a person that is willing to love and care for another.

"An adopted child is not an unwanted child but rather a child that is prayed for and loved before they are ever known."

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