Sunday, March 18, 2012

Someone has to be their momma

These two sweet little girls have really touched my heart. Both little girls have very manageable needs and just need families to bring them home and love them. Both of these little ones are on China's shared list.

Sweet Kayia was born Jan. 10th 2004 and has Restricted functions on the right side of her body. (mild CP) Here is what is said about her. Kaiya has mild cerebral palsy, which mainly affects her right hand. She uses her left hand to do almost everything. Kaiya had surgery at a year old to help her right foot to walk better. She walks well, just needs to be reminded to walk "heel to toe" with her right foot. Kaiya attends school, and she is developmentally at the same level as her peers. Her best subject is Chinese. Kaiya is described as cheerful, and she absolutely loves the Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf cartoon. Her favorite toy is a Pleasant Goat doll. Doesn't she just sound precious!! Please someone bring this beauty home. She has been waiting way to long for a family!

Adorable Stella was born Jan. 4th 2004 with Beta thalassemia. Stella is a sweet and active 7 year old girl with a captivating smile! She is very fond of dancing, gymnastics, and singing. She is in kindergarten and her teachers say that she has a good concentration span and that she actively answer questions while in class. She has also been known to make cute toys, which the teachers love! She has been diagnosed with ß Thalassemia and receives blood transfusions for this. Her momma has to be out there somewhere I know she would make a wonderful addition to a family!

Please someone bring these angels home! They are special focus and therefore can be adopted along with another child or you can reuse your current dossier if you have been home less than a year. I know their mommas are out there! If you have question please contact us. You can find our emails under the contact us tab at the top of the page!

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