Sunday, August 21, 2011


Zachary is waiting in China with Down Syndrome...Could he be your son?

Here is the information we know about him:
"He was born in September 2005, abandoned at 4 months old.
He loves to ride his toy car and do puzzles.
He has a lot of sympathy and is caring toward younger children.
He loves to eat noodles and fruit.
The nannies impression of him is that he is well behaved and sensible.
He likes to play the piano and listen to music."

If you don't feel called to adopt you can still go to make a donation towards his adoption fund..Oh how blessed his family will be when they see he has a fund waiting to go towards his adoption!
Go here to see more about Zachary and to make a donation towards his adoption.

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  1. Oh! Thank you so much for advocating for this little guy. He is just precious!! I actually have a copy of one of his reports if anyone is interested, and I know what province he is in. I love little Zachary!