Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Elliot (Sue from BAAS) and Elisyn (Sandy from BAAS)

So I know I have been MIA lately and Ashton has done a good bit of the posting but this post is not for a particular child looking for a family but rather two girls that I advocated for on here that are now home or in China meeting her family. Elisyn and Elliot were both born with very severe heart defects and it is a miracle that they have made it to where they are now! I am asking for everyone who follows SWW to please pray for the complete healing of these two little girls hearts they deserve every chance at life any other little one would. Please continue to think about them whether you are Christian or not please send good thoughts to their families as they struggle with reality of raising a child with severe heart defects and that everyday they are here will be a blessing from above. Both little girls are incredibly beautiful and I cannot wait to personally see what is in store for the two of them while they are here with us all!! I wont post pictures of the little girls I will leave that for their families but please if you would like to follow Elisyn's family go here you can read about her adoption and life since being home with her forever family! Elliot's family does not have a blog and I will try to keep everyone updated if I get permission from her mom!


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