Saturday, October 30, 2010

Agency Specific Kids

Today's first post will be about kids that are on a Agency specific list No Pics today sorry. To see the pics of these kids you must contact the agency they are with. If I get a chance I might do a slide show of all the little ones.

Bart was born on 1-18-2005. His special needs are lower development indexes, meaning he is relatively small; his head is slightly oblate. He is a friendly, bright and curious boy who learns fast. He has outgoing personaliy and is very active.

Brook was born on 4-3-2008. Her special needs are postoperative congenital heart disease (VSD); delayed physical and languange development. Brook lives with a foster family. She is a happy girl with a ready smile.

David was born on 5-1-2005. His special need is post-operative nephrectomy on right side. David has been living with a loving foster family. In September 2008 he went to receive formal education in school. After studying for half a year he can say everyday English such as “good, morning, hello” and etc. after studying for a year he learned to sing the children’s songs taught by school, was able to dance the children’s dance taught by school, can state the names of fruit and addresses in English such as “apple, orange, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle and aunt, grandma and grandpa”, knew the arithmetic operation, can recite poems and write simple Chinese characters. Now he has gone to school for two years, his language, memory, hand-work, oral communication and sociability are all improved. His personality and behaviors develop well.

Feng was born on 9-26-2002 and was admitted into the SWI in October of 2002. His health status is healthy. He was a premature baby. Feng is in good health and seldom gets sick. He is a bright and curious boy who has a ready smile. He knows the names of all the other children at his teachers in his class. He has very good expressive language skill and knows many songs and participates in performances. He is very self sufficient. (HEALTHY BOY)

Forest was born on 2-10-2008. He is a clever, sensible, active and cute little boy. He has a pair of bright eyes, fair skin, round face with healthy pink color. He is adorable. He had congenital anal atresia and has had 3 operations: transverse colostomy on Feb.15 2008, pena and repair of urethral fistula on May 19 2009, closure of transverse colostomy on Nov.6 2009. After operations he can control his defecation like normal children. He has left cross eye.

Frank was born on 9-8-2006. His special needs are: 1. postoperative repair of congenital cleft lip and palate; 2. alimentary anemia (slight);
He is a happy boy who has close relationship with his caregivers.

Garry was born on 10-11-2005. His special needs are post operative cleft lip/palate and HB positive. He has normal development and is very self-sufficient and helpful. He is bright, lively and friendly.

Harry was born on 7-8-2008. His special need is repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. He is an active boy who loves to play games and play with other children.

Jerry was born on 12-25-2006. His special needs are: 1、congenital heart disease (VSD) 2、postoperative Incarceration of left Indirect Inguinal Hernia
Jerry is very close to his foster family. (Update avaiable)

Johnny was born on 6-3-2005. His special needs are repaired cleft lip; and cleft palate. He lives with a foster family. He is a lively and curious boy who plays well with other children.

Lian is a lovely girl born on 4-13-2001. Her special need is Hepatitis B positive. She loves to learn and is a very good student. She is friendly and polite. She gets along well with other children and is very helpful. She loves to sing and dance.

Lily was born on 11-13-2007. Her special need is postoperative congenital heart disease and lower growth index. Lily has lovely smiles. She is gentle and shy.

Mandy was born on 6-20-2006. She has complicated congenital heart disease: closedown of PA, VSD, the shunt from right to left in the ventricle level
The branch stem circulation formed. Mandy is friendly, extrovert, and talkative. She likes to communicate with other kids, and likes to sing, dace, and imitate, and she likes the wawajia activity. She is good at string bead, and is interested in drawing, and writing.

Mei was born on 3-25-2000. Her special need is Hepatitis B positive. Mei is a lively, helpful and bright girl who has outgoing personalities. She loves to dance, sing and draw. (update avaiab;e)

Molly was born on 8-15-2009. Her special needs are congenital defect in left hand and leg. (she looks like a Southern Spicy Girl)

Nicole was born on 3-28-2003. She was admitted into the SWI in April of 2003. Her special needs are repaird cleft lip and repaired cleft palate (the surgery to repair the cleft palate was not very successful, there is a little cleft remained under her right naris. She was also tested positive on Hepatitis B. Nicole is very helpful, active and loves to play with her friends.

Penny was born on 1-20-2009. Her special need is club feet. She has normal physical and mental development.

Quinn was born on 5-20-2007. Her special need is having club feet. Quinn's physical and mental development is about the same level as her peers. She likes puzzles and blocks and has good fine motor skills. She understands and follows daily instructions. She can say simple words like "Yes, Good, Ma Ma, Ba Ba" etc.

Shana was born on 5-10-2008. Her special need is club feet. She is lovely girl with a ready smile.

Simon was born on 2-15-2008. His special needs are repaired cleft lip and cleft palate as well as β- Thalassemia. He has a ready smile and loves to be cuddled by his caregivers.

Sophie was born on 2-28-2005. Her speical need is having nanophthalmos, microcornea on her left eye. She goes to school, likes to recite nursery songs and read picture books. She runs and jumps like her peers and has normal mental and physical development. Sophie lives with a foster family.

Summer was born on 7-1-2005 and her special need is post operative congenital atresia ani, rectovaginal fistula.

Tina was born on 6-2-2009. Her special need is brachial plexus paralysis of right arm. She is a lovely girl with ready smiles.

Tonya was born on 6-1-2007. She was cared for in a foster family when she was a baby. Because she refused to stand as a baby of 9 months and older, the SWI took her to the hospital in April of 2008 and was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. (update avaiable)

Wayne was born on 6-7-2008. His special need is having club feet.

Yang was born on 7-13-2007. His special need is post operative cleft lip/palate. He also is HB positive. Yang is a bright and active boy who loves out door activities and animals.


  1. What agency is Penny with? Shana? How can I find out more information? :) Thanks!

  2. What agency is Molly with? I would love to know more about her!

  3. Molly is with Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS). Join the BAAS Yahoo group and you can access their agency specific list which is under the files section and it is a Folki

  4. Hi ladies! What agency is Mandy with?