Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am new to the advocacy site but thought I would try to help some of these kids find a home. There are so many kids that need a mom and dad. Could you be the family one of these little ones are hoping of.

To introduce myself I am Taylor I am 17 and a follower of Jesus Christ and me and my friend Ashton are running this site it will feature children from around the world that are waiting for families but with a focus on children from China and Ethopia.

If you see a child here at any given time that you would like more info on please email me and I will be glad to hook you up with the people that can help you find out more info in the children on this site. Some of the kids we post about will not have pictures due to their birth countries laws. Please bare with us as we get this blog started in hopes of finding these children homes!



  1. May God bless your efforts ladies! What a sweet aroma you must be to our Father at this very moment. I am so amazed to see such young ladies as yourself seeking to do such God-honoring activities when you could easily choose to do other things with your time.

    Again, God bless!

  2. I am so proud to know you both and humbled by your hearts for the orphan. So blessed that you are a part of our lives -