Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Boys

Have you ever just sat ans looked at the list of children waiting, most are boys with minor needs. But yet they tend to wait forever for a family. The sad truth is that if they were born a girl the would have been matched and almost home. It is so sad when you are looking at an agency list and all of the kids are boys with correctable needs that are very minor. Boys tend to wait so much longer then girls but are just as sweet and loving. I looked through my Yahoo group today and there are a little over a 100 girls and close to 400 boys. I know most people when they think of China think of little girls but in reality there are just as many boys. Please if you are considering adoption look at the little boys files they sit there forever waiting for a mom and dad to scoop them up and love on them. So many little boys are waiting for homes in China and around the world and most are waiting simply because they are a boy. There is nothing wrong with wanting a little girl but don't completely forget about the little boys that wait.

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