Monday, October 25, 2010

Wonderful Waiting Kids!

Today's Kids all have Spinia Bifidia or some Spinal defect. These are scary words and frighten many, because they are special needs that involve the spinal cord and the function of other libs. Please don't over look these kids on the Shared List, I have worked with many children that have SB and I have a friend that goes to my school who was born with SB and you would never know he had it until he walks because he has a slight limp.

Here are today's waiting children:

Jack was born in November 2007 and will soon be 3 her really wants a mom and dad and he is also one of the many children I met this summer in China.We learned threw a translator that he wants a Gu Gu and a mama and Baba he is a Special Focus Child on an agency specific list and also has a grant. There is also another generous mother who is raising funds to help cover the rest of his aditional adoption expenses!

Girl born December 2009 Her need is preoperative SB. She is on the General Shared list so anyone can lock her file.

Boy born October, 2009. He is a Special Focus child on the shared list.

Girl was born in June, 2007. Her SN is severe scoliosis

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  1. can you send me the birthdate and chinese name for Alexis. my agency can't locate her on the shared list without this information. my husband and i adopted a little girl with SB from china in october of 2008. we would like to review this child's file if you can get me this information. thank you so much for posting this!My email address is