Friday, November 12, 2010

The Forgotten.

Forgotten : disregarded: not noticed inadvertently
Children all over the world are simply forgotten. Orphans.
I cannot and will not forget them. I simply can't. I refuse to. I will fight with everything in me until they all have a home.
Once you have held an Orphan, Touched an Orphan, LOVED an Orphan, been LOVED by an Orphan, put a face with the name of an Orphan your life is changed. Whether you like it or not. The fairytale days of "poverty and orphans aren't a big deal. they are ok by themselves" is shattered. I know this first hand. In 2007 when my family went all the way to China to adopt a little Orphan girl my world was rocked. I have never been the same. From the time I walked into that civil affairs office and saw all of the beautiful, precious, children of God sitting there...alone. hungry. begging for love. my life was changed. never again was I going back to the sitting on the couch flipping the channel when the commercials we all know about came on. Those days were gone. God changed my heart.
He broke me into 10000 pieces for the Orphan. the Forgotten.
He called me. Of all of the other humans in this world the ruler of the Universe called me! He called US to help the Orphans in widows! Many of us sit back and enjoy our wonderful, happy, sugar-coated lives in America. That is not for me.
I love America, yes.
But I love Jesus so very much more.
Are you willing to leave your comfort zone for Him?
Please join me in refusing to forget the forgotten. One child at a time. One by One until they all find a home.


  1. What a good post. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I'd love to talk to you about writing something for Email me to talk about it --

  2. Taylor,
    As a mom, I pray that my kids will step forward boldly for Jesus like you! It is exciting to see your generation refusing to sit back and simply live the "American Dream." I think that you along with many of your peers are going to change this world in amazing ways!
    And our family will continue to grow. One child at a time. Until God says we are done...