Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Young Man Who Needs a Home!

There is a young boy, Joseph, that desperately needs a home. He has Pulmonary atresia, Velo-Cardio, Facial Syndrome, a voice problem. He is turning 12 this May. From what people who have seen him and talked with him say, he is sweet, intelligent, very polite child and a big helper with the little kids.

We just found out that Joseph's adoption papers have returned to the CCAA by an adoption agency, because nobody was interested in him. Please help us to spread the words out that he is available for adoption, he is a sweet boy who desperately needs a forever family! Whoever is interested in him will need their agency to contact the CCAA for his paperwork.

This is what the gal from the foster facility says about him... "He can't speak clearly, it's hard to understand him, the doctor said he might need an operation to fix it and it's not a hard one but he has to wait until his heart is fixed (he has had one heart surgery 4 years ago, and needs one more)
He likes anything related to Ultraman and Transformer, Legos, he like to build toy airplanes and boats and draw, he is very particular about his food, he likes to eat noodles and potatoes and doesn't like meat that much, he is a very neat and kind boy, he is not the smartest kid in his class but does well with all the subjects, gets along with others."

Chinese name: Dang Feilong (党飞龙)
Date of Birth: 05/08/99
SN: Pulmonary atresia, Velo-Cardio, Facial syndrome, voice problem
SWI: Luoyang orphanage of Henan province

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