Sunday, November 14, 2010

Korean Children

Today's post will feature a few children that are waiting in Korea. Korean Requirements You must be married couple. Parents age must be 25 - 45 and no more then 4 children at home. Per Korean law I cannot post the child's picture here but I do have pictures of all of these children but no medical info other then what is posted here if you would like more info on any of these children you have to contact the agency for more information. I cannot guarantee that any of these children have not been matchedd with their families but if anyone finds out they have or if you need to know an agency that a child is with and it is not listed here please email me at and I can find out for you. If the agency is known it is listed beside the child.

Boy 12-02 09 murmur, lesion in chest (to be removed)Holt Adoption Agency

Girl 12-06-09 Premature (34 wks) Welcome House Agency ( she looks like she would be a handful her picture is adorable) Matched With her Family congrats to the family!
Girl(2y) August 11, 2008 chomosomal abnormality, DGS, ASD (waiting on AAC's list Name Madison)

Boy(1yr) March 14th, 2009 Premature, Hydrocephalus w/Shunt (waiting on AAC's list Name Shane)

Boy 9-25-09 Delay

Girl 10-08-09 Small Head, CHD risk cognitive delays (agency unknown but I can find out for an interested family)

G07-13-09 Delay-tested 8 mths @ 11mths (Amy@Welcome House (215) 249-0100 ext.119 prefer families in VA, DE, PA)

Boy 09-22-09 Background issue to consider Agency: Children's Home Society

Girl 03-13-07 Premature & COng Syphillis Agency: Children's Home Society

Boy 05-02-09 Premature, CHD, COng Rubella Agency: Children's Home Society

Girl 04-13-07 Macrocephaly & CHD Agency: Children's Home Society

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  1. Hi! I just linked to your blog via the RQ Korea forum ...

    Just wanted to let you know that the little girl (preemie, 34 weeks, dob 12/6/09) with Welcome House has been matched. I sent an e-mail inquiry about 2 weeks ago on her file and was informed that she had just been matched :).