Friday, November 26, 2010

An Orphan's Wish Boy

Meet LUKE!!!

Luke – August 2007
Luke’s special need is clubfoot and mild cerebral palsy.

Luke arrived at the clubfoot casting unit in August 2010. After settling in, he soon began charming the carers and earned his nickname of Mr. Happy. He is a giggly little boy who loves to go around on his tricycle. Luke just had surgery to repair a hernia in his diaphragm and is doing well. We are looking forward to seeing him gain weight, grow and to continue with the casting treatment for his clubfoot. He brings much joy to the House of Love and would bring much joy to his family too.

You can read more about Luke and see more pictures of our Mr. Happy at the following blogposts: home again, recovering, surgery, and our little Mr. Happy.

If you are interested in reviewing Luke’s file, please contact Betty Betz at FTIA for more information. FTIA’s standard agency fees are reduced by $1,800 for the adoption of a child with special needs.

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