Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you my Momma!!

Gracie is a very special little girl who has touched my heart without me ever meeting her. Her two hands and forearms are under-developed. Her elbow joints can move freely. Sometimes, just after she has fallen asleep, she will use the ends of her arms to rub her nose. When sitting on her own, she will extend her two arms to find her center of gravity to balance. Her personality is cheerful. She rarely cries and fusses. She likes for people to talk to her. When speaking to her, her eyes will keep staring at you and she will smile at you. She likes for people to hold her. When the nannies hold her, she is very excited. Her eyes look around in all directions, watching people go this way and that. Sometimes she will lay by herself on the rocking chair and listen to music; her two legs kicking this way and that – her body makes the chair rock. Her reactions are very quick. As soon as there is sound or movement, she will turn her face to look; when you open the door, she will hear the sound of the door and immediately look to doorway to see who is who's coming. She is special focus and waiting on an agecy specific list for her momma please email me if you would like to know more on Gracie!! GRACIE IS MATCHED WITH HER FOREVER FAMILY!!! CONGRATS TO THEM AND HER!!!

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