Sunday, March 13, 2011

Waiting Kids Dissolutions

Todays kids are waiting here in the States for families both of these little ones adoptions are dissolving and there families are hoping to place them into a loving environment that is better equipped to handle their needs. They were both adopted from Ukraine.

Next is Nadia, a very intelligent, healthy, energetic 11 year old girl who was adopted from Ukraine in June 2010.She is a hard worker &enjoys helping. She is very outgoing &will take on any task. She is happy when she is doing something or has someones undivided attention. She enjoys outdoor activities swimming, riding bicycles, soccer, as well as arts& crafts.She can be very sweet & generous. She has few friends as she tends to smother other children with too many words and too much energy. She is very motherly to younger children often picking them up. She is kind to animals. She very much enjoys learning & is happy to do her homework as well as memorize Bible verses for her church group. She is currently in 4th grade at a public school. She likes going to school and church, but occasionally struggles with respect of adults. She was raised from birth in an orphanage with little supervision & will tell you to your face that she can behave when she wants to.

If you would like to know who to contact for more info on these little ones please email me

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