Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Could you be her Family?


Guo Shao Qin.
Ah Qin, as we affectionately call her, is a young girl from an orphanage that we have been fostering now for 8 months. She was born in 2001 so is coming up 10 years of age. However, this is not her developmental age in many respects.
Her stature is that of a 5 or 6 year old at best. She is not as tall as my own 7 year old daughter. She is healthy and fit, with no known physical problems other than a condition called Brachydactyly, which is a shortening of fingers and toes. It is only a physical symptom and most people do not notice it on her, which on Ah Qin means a slightly shorter than normal finger length most prominent on her little fingers. We got her glasses not long after arriving with us. She was assessed as having both short and long sightedness and amblyopia. However, with glasses she seems to be seeing well and no longer looking sideways while reading.
Her manner is very sweet and she does not have any behavior problems. She is very compliant and obedient given the right direction. She responds well to guidance and discipline and can learn and fit into a family situation.
In saying this, she does have some undiagnosed cognitive learning issues. I have found her to be intelligent but she has difficulty with verbal communication. She is improving the longer she is with us, and her desire to learn is normal. At this stage we are not engaging her in English as we do not know her future and do not want to hinder her development for a future in China. However, she has picked up a lot of English just by listening to us, even though we talk to her in Chinese. So, her learning capacity is there, but a combination of poor early childhood education and stimulation coupled with some cognitive issues does provide her with a learning barrier.
We have employed a tutor to work with her and she is showing signs of learning albeit painfully slow at times. But she is learning.
She actually shows good understanding of processes and systems and will learn very well by observing. She will watch me doing cleaning in the home and she will have already figured out that I need the broom or a rubbish bag or a cloth, without me asking. So, her interpretive and sequential ability is quite intact (on the whole).
She is a very sweet young girl who shows and needs a lot of affection and love. She is very easy to care for fits well into a family situation. She longs for a family, and to be loved and cared for. She so desperately wants to call us mum and dad, but we have not allowed this as I will not be her long term parents. We have not given her an English name, preferring to leave this to an adoptive family to do.
She would benefit greatly by the right schooling and assessments and I believe (and I am not an expert) she could learn to live an independent life given the right support and guidance. She could easily fit into a class with 5 year olds and start right from the beginning because of her physical stature. There is no need to look on her as a 10 year old, as even emotionally she is not at this age.

Here foster mother wrote this about her. What a blessing she will be. How amazing does this sweet girl sound?! She would be a perfect little Princess to add to your family.
Is God calling YOU?


  1. We have submitted our LOI for this precious child. Please pray that He will see fit to bring her to us!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! WE ARE SOOOOO very excited for you! This little girl has been heavy on my heart! SO very happy God has found a family for this precious girl! Praying for you all! Please keep us updated and let us know if you would like us to remove the post about her.
    thank you so much
    Ashton {and Taylor}