Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fred waiting in China

Fred will turn 14 in October, so we need to find him a family ASAP! All the WACAP staff members who met him fell in love with this kid. He'd make a great brother and son for some family. We know they're out there - but maybe they just haven't seen HIM yet! They have one photo on their secure website, and families are welcome to request his file with no obligation for more info and photos of this great kid!

From the WACAP website:

Fred is an outgoing Asian boy who wasn’t shy when talking with us. He attends a school outside the orphanage and they report that he is quite smart and an above-average student. Fred’s favorite subject is math. He enjoys playing when outside of school especially with a ball. He has many friends of all ages. Although he has dwarfism, Fred is very active and likes to run. He says that some of his favorite things are snacks and new clothes. Fred says that nothing makes him sad. When he sees an injustice for himself or others, he tells the teachers. His caregivers report that he is a hearty eater. He was very polite and always smiled at us when he saw us walk by during our visit at the institute. At 13 years old, Fred needs a family very soon or else he'll be be deemed ineligible for adoption. Unfortunately, there are very few options for an orphan with dwarfism in his country.
Visit WACAP’s waiting child webpage to see a picture of Fred.
Fred is listed with WACAP through a special partnership project with his orphanage. Fred is part of the Special Focus program. There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Even if you might not typically meet the requirements to adopt from Fred's country in Asia please ask about exceptions! There is no obligation or fee to view his information. Please ask about Fred – ID# SP.FY.1098.32310.01 Interested families should contact or or call
WACAP toll free: (888) 440-8231

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