Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are you Lizzy's Family?

Lizzy has stolen my heart she is beyond beautiful and I know her family has to be out there somewhere. She was born in Russia and has Down syndrome and may or may not also be HIV+. She can be adopted by both married couples and Single Heterosexual Mothers. Please please help me find this little ones family she is still so young and would benefit so much from having a family and not knowing what it is like to grow up in an orphanage.

Here is what RR says about her

Girl, born October 2010
Hazel eyes
Black hair
Character is calm
I love how she has grown! Old picture is from March 2011, and new one is from June. She would so benefit from a family while she is still so young!
Lizzy has Down syndrome and is listed as HIV+; however since she is still so young that may just be that her mother was HIV+

LOTS more photos available! Please go HERE to learn more on her or email me at stillwewait@aol.com


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